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Professional Acting Course Outline

About The Course

This programme has the distinction of covering two disciplines – theatre and film; it gives the students an interdisciplinary curriculum rarely found in other programmes. Students who select this programme will be surrounded and supported by like-minded and equally passionate classmates, educators and staff, with whom you will collaborate and learn from. Apart from lectures, you will be introduced to a variety of other learning methods, such as demonstrations, practical sessions, tutorials, viewings, discussions, performances and field trips.
The lecturers are dynamic individuals who are artistic and professional people known in film, television, media and theatre. They not only provide the guidance but also are the links to the industry for students’ future work contacts.
The programme aims to give you a rounded, rigorous, 360° education and training in the fundamentals of theatre and film production, and acting. This comprehensive training and education in the inter-related disciplines of theatre and film production will give you a great head start in employment and further education upon graduation.


  • Improvisation
  • Theatre Practices
  • Introduction to Audio-Visual Production
  • Cinema Studies
  • Professional Skills
  • Malaysian Studies 2 or Malay Language for Communication 1
  • Audio-Visual Production
  • Thought & Writing
  • Media & Culture
  • Acting & Text
  • Theatre Project
  • Modern Theatre
  • Audio-Visual Post-Production
  • Career Management
  • Malaysian Arts & Culture
  • Collaborative Screen Production Project or Collaborative Stage Production Project