Our Hosting Courses

Professional Hosting Course Outline

In doing this course, you will learn:

  • The basics of broadcasting
  • The team behind the scenes
  • The most important skills you need to possess
  • What producers and agents are really looking for in a TV presenter
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Understanding your own special ‘brand’

You’ll be introduced to:

  • Different camera presentations from handheld to multi-camera
  • What it means to ‘talk to camera’, ‘talk to time’ and how to do both effectively
  • Autocue techniques
  • Using an earpiece with ‘open talkback’
  • How to ad-lib effectively
  • Researching, scripting and conducting great on-air interviews
  • Pre-records and live broadcasts

After completing this course, you could:

  • Explore the interesting and exciting television industry
  • Become a more polished and self-assured presenter
  • Expand your skills as a MC and presenter of live events
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal brand, and how to grow it

Module 1: The Business We Call Show (week 1)

  • An overview of the business
  • The changing face of TV
  • Different types of presenting
  • Challenges of breaking into the business


Module 2: It Takes A Village To Build A Tv Presenter (week 2)

  • The team
  • Producers
  • Presenter role requirements
  • Presenter skillset
  • TV terminology


Module 3: Wow! Who’s That Girl (or Boy?) (week 3)

  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Knowledge and research
  • The ‘wow’ factor
  • Fronting a show
  • Audience connection


Module 4: A ‘brand’ New You (week 4)

  • Find Your Strengths
  • What’s Your USP
  • Difference between being a ‘Personality’ and a ‘Presenter’
  • Seeing yourself as a ‘brand’


Module 5: Talking The Talk (week 5)

  • How to talk to camera
  • Talking to time
  • Presenter techniques
  • Vocal delivery
  • Autocue / teleprompter tips
  • Script reading
  • Talk back and earpiece training
  • Interviewing techniques


Module 6: Are You Ready For Your Close Up? (week 6)

  • Ad-lib presentation
  • Script construction and prep’
  • Handheld camera presentation
  • Multi-camera direction
  • Live broadcast
  • Location reporting
  • Camera technique


Module 7: Looking The Part (week 7)

  • Importance of getting your image right
  • Visual Messages
  • Body language
  • Note setting & colours
  • Do’s and don’ts of TV makeup


Module 8: Showreel Time Show Me The Money! (week 8)

  • The ONE big secret to a successful showreel
  • Preparation: Subject matter
  • Preparation: Types of footage
  • Marketing yourself
  • Structure & format
  • Professional v home-filmed


Module 9: Applying For Jobs The Good, The Bad And The Big Fat Waste-of-time (week 9)

  • Planning
  • What to include in application
  • Broadcast trade media
  • Finding on-camera experience
  • What not to do
  • Handling rejection
  • Indirect opportunities
  • Right place, right time


Module 10: All The Other Things You Wanted To Know About Tv Presenting But Were Afraid To Ask!
(week 10)

  • Training and qualifications
  • Agents
  • Salaries
  • The Myth of the 4-Hour Week
  • PR and media relations