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Professional Modeling Course Outline
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Why modelling exists – learn the ins and outs to survive and thrive in this industry. Understand the advertising and fashion industry from an insider point of view, knowledge of modelling on an international level, the must-know skills to get past any commercial and fashion casting and job.


There are many ways people carry themselves, and one of the most important ways to make a first good impression is the way you walk and your posture. In our Poise & Deportment course, we teach the proper way to walk, sit and stand in which it would benefit both your self-esteem and spine posture.


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1. The Runway Foundation (2 Hours per session 6 Weeks to complete)

Join our foremost Catwalk Guru and his/her team of professionals as we introduce you to the very fundamentals required to thrive in the modelling world. You will be coached to establish a strong foundation as a model in terms of runway skills, posing techniques, as well as be educated on industry knowledge and be given insider tips; whereby these modelling essentials will allow you to perform confidently on the runway, and comfortably in front of camera lenses.


2. The Runway Masterclass (2 Hours per session 8 Weeks to complete)

Having a strong and confident catwalk is one thing, but knowing how to adapt to different client requests, runway outfits, and/or product styles, as well as catering to a variety of audiences, is a whole different level of mastery altogether. Learn only from Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru and his/her top-notch team, as they endeavour to groom and guide you to a promising career in professional runway modelling. In addition to educating yourself with the essentials of being a good model, master every runway walk and technique there are to learn, and be the definitive runway model that you can be!


3. The Runway Commercial Model (2 Hours per session 5 Weeks to complete)

We are very sure that you have flipped through magazines and television channels, and wondered why you are not featured as a talent in advertisements or commercials. Much to the delight of many, your thoughts are actually not that farfetched after all. Commercial modelling is an all-inclusive field where there is a place for all types and moulds of individuals, as casting agents and directors are always on the lookout for “everyday people”. On top of that, if you have what it takes, it can prove to be a lucrative side income that can be earned on a part-time basis. With proper guidance and training from Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru and his/her highly professional team, find out how you can break into the business, how to get scouted and get a casting, how to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera, how to discover your commercial assets, as well as how to market yourself as a commercial model.

The Runway Model (Teenage)

(2 Hours per session 6 Week to complete)
No more child but not yet an adult? Confuse no more and make good use of the golden phase of life to shift to a better you. Just like adult models, teen models can appear in magazines, on TV or in fashion shows to promote clothing lines or brand-name products. Popular myths about models being plucked from obscurity in shopping malls or other public places, but many professional models follow a traditional career trajectory that includes taking modelling classes and signing with a modelling agency. If your teen has indicated an interest in a modelling career, classes will help him or her to acquire needed skills. Teens can benefit from modelling classes by gaining self-esteem and learning tools about presenting themselves in a positive way, paying attention to posture and eye contact. In this course, teens will learn how to audition, participate in fashion shows, prepare for photoshoots, promote their work and groom themselves. We will also connect teens with photographers to build a portfolio or offer advice on how to secure an agent and negotiate contact details.

The Runway Foundation (Kids)

(1.5 Hours per session 12 Weeks to complete)
Allow our foremost Catwalk Guru and his/her team of professionals to teach your kid the essential fundamentals, as we introduce them to the world of modelling. With classes conducted in both English and Malay, your kid will not only learn the importance of deportment in terms of having and practicing proper body posture, but they will also end up being professionally ready to take on a regular fashion show. Not only catering to budding junior models, this foundation course is also suitable for any kids learning to achieve an overall sense of self-improvement and enhancement, boosting them with an injection of self-confidence.

The Runway Superkids

(1.5 Hours per session 12 Weeks to complete)

As your kid begins their journey into becoming a future star, let them learn only from Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru and his/her top-notch team, as we will strive to groom and guide your kid into an all-rounder superkid. Your kid will be educated on everything necessary for a career in professional kids modelling, allowing them to be suitable and versatile enough to take on the spotlight regardless of whether it’s on runways or in front of cameras. Additionally, they will be taught on how to build confidence and expressiveness when delivering their thoughts, which will be highly beneficial to leave a memorable impression during audition and casting sessions, so that they are ready to be the junior superstar that they can be.

The Runway Drama Kids Star

(1.5 Hours per session 5 Months to complete)

Let your kid be ready for a journey of self-discovery as Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru, plus his/her team of professionals, introduces them to the mystique and craft of stage drama. They will be coached on various lessons on how to explore the possibilities of their bodies, and also expand the creativity churned from their minds, as a quest for them to harness their raw and inner feelings for stage projection. As acting provides a safe outlet for kids to express themselves and channel their emotions, allow them to discover and immerse in the wonders of the performing arts.

Make Me A Model

(2 Days Workshop, RM500)
Looking forward to attend year ends annual dinner and yet don’t know how to look good? Learn how to look stunningly gorgeous in your evening dress.

Come over and experience how you can easily transform yourself with the right coaching on colours, makeup, wardrobe and walk confidently. It feels great to be a woman.
Includes features like :

  • how to choose colours that look best on you
  • how to wear clothes to flatter your figure
  • step-by-step evening makeup coaching to a beautiful you
  • tips on how to carry yourself gracefully
  • photography session (1 makeover photo softcopy)

101 Introduction to Modelling

(2 Days Workshop, RM900)
Entry Requirements: Enthusiasm and energy is absolute must! No previous modelling experience required.

Summary: You will learn basic essential skills that are required by the modelling industry with hands-on experience and feel. These essentials are critical for those who intend to take modelling as a part time or professional career. Subjects covered are:

Posing Skills
Makeup Essentials
Catwalk & Posing
Hair Styling & Care
Wardrobe Colour Coordination
Fitness & Exercise

Duration: 2 Days
Maximum students per class: 20
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be awarded.
Tools that you will receive:
1. 5 professional photo shots of yourself in full make up
2. Essential professional make-up tools
3. Medically certified Body Analysis Certificate

Intake: Our classes are designed with flexibility in mind so they are not scheduled on calendar intakes but in groups based on appointments made as most of our students are studying or working part-time. To enrol, please contact us at [email protected] or todakacademy.com and we will arrange to slot you into the earliest available classes.

Advanced Modelling Course


Summary: This course aims to provide the opportunity for the student to gain an extensive and holistic foundation in the many exciting aspects of the modelling industry. It helps the student to recognise the potential and market demand of the industry, the different variations and needs of a model, and modelling as a professional career. 

The course also gives emphasis on good ethics and principles on how to be a professional model. It will be delivered through a selection of master classes, including expert tuition and demonstrations from top professionals in their respective fields. Among the subjects covered are: 

– 10 weeks in the Art of Cat walking
– Modelling for TV and Film
– Photo Shoot Modelling
– Hair Care and Styling
– Makeup and Skin Care
– Diet, Nutrition and Health
– Communication Skills 
– Wardrobe Colour Coordination

At the end of this course, the graduate will be required to attend our Graduation Fashion Show where graduates will be exposed to professionals from the talent scouting, modelling, advertising, publication, and photography industry. 

To further enhance the visibility of our graduates, each graduate will have an online portfolio for professional photographers, event managers, talent agency and many others to view and provide opportunities for a professional or part time job.

Duration: 3 months
Maximum students per class: 12
Certification: Certificate of Completion will be awarded

Tools that you will receive:
I. 20 professional photo shots of yourself in full make up
II. Essential professional make-up tools
III. Medically certified Body Analysis Certificate
IV. 500 pcs of professional portfolio cards

Modelling Pro Male/Female

Course Duration: 3 Months

Total Fee: RM3000

Modelling PRO FEMALE is a fundamental modelling course that will equip you with essential skills on how to be a professional female model for you to embark on your path to becoming a professional model. This 5 week course will also help you to develop confidence in your image, posture & social progress. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to work as a professional model for general fashion shows and photoshoots.



  • Course Overview
  • Meet & greet
  • Rules and regulation of the academy
  • Introduction to modelling agencies/ casting houses



  • What makes an individual qualified to be a professional model
  • The image & discipline of model : hair, eyes, skin, makeup, body, wardrobe, diet, exercise
  • Model preparation : shoes, basic inner wear, bag, makeup
  • Posture of model in modelling
  • Communication skills
  • Exposure
  • Casting calls: what to prepare, what to wear, what to do
  • How to carry various type of gowns
  • Career outlook
  • Benefit of a modelling career



  • Day makeup/Night makeup
  • Casting makeup
  • Fashion show makeup
  • Hair techniques and looks
  • Different types of hairstyling techniques for different looks



  • The importance of good body posture
  • Head, shoulder & hips posture
  • Casual catwalk


Chapter 5 PRO CATWALK 

  • Expression and posing
  • How to be camera ready on the runway & at events
  • Full turn/half turns
  • Hands movement/Facial expression



  • Fashion and trend
  • Body posture
  • Colour combinations
  • Style
  • Hair talk 101: how to take care of your hair & scalp / hairstyling according to face shape
  • Nutrition and diet: what to eat, model’s diet, calories
  • Career sharing: what is next upon completion of this course, kick start in the industry
  • Runway show: actual experience

Modelling Advanced Catwalk

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Total Fee: RM2900

Modelling ADVANCED CATWALK is an ultimate catwalk modelling course that will transform you into a runway model. This 4 week course is specially designed for models who desire to improve or transform their catwalk skills to the highest level. Upon completion of this course, you will be strutting the runway in total confidence for all types of fashion shows.



  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to different types of walk for different types of outfit



  • Developing the right attitude on the runway
  • Adapting the appropriate mood
  • Understanding music elements like beats and tempo to accommodate your catwalk style
  • Catwalk techniques for can-can, A-line and chiffon gowns
  • Catwalk techniques for mermaid, long trains and batik gowns



  • Details and essentials of handling a couture gown
  • Respecting the creation of designers
  • Understanding and developing runway attitude for an elegant catwalk
  • Having the right facial expression, body language and hand movements



  • Dramatic “edgy” catwalk modelling style, look & attitude

-hair shows

-makeup shows

-nail art shows

  • Dramatic “soft” catwalk modelling style, look & attitude

-bridal show

-handling veils

-lingerie shows

-fashion shows with ornaments/essentials



  • Couples modelling on the runway
  • 3-point group modelling styles and techniques
  • Group modelling style & techniques for more than 3 people in a group



  • Basic of catwalk modelling with products
  • Understanding on how to use facial expression and adapting to clients requirements
  • Advanced product modelling for






BONUS : Runway show with actual experience.